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What does a fat rolypoly stripper in bournemouth do ?  


Our fat roly-poly grams throughout Bournemouth put on one hell of a show. Do you want to shock, degrade and humiliate a friend or family member? Here at Seductive Agency we supply fat female strippers who can sit on and dominate a certain person or put on a show for a special occasion.


Our at strippers will come to the location of the booking in a costume of choice this could be one of the following French maid, Fairy, miss whip lash, police officer, nurse, school girl or even casual clothes. Our roly-poly gram can perform for a certain person or a group party. Her show will last around 15 – 20 minutes. The performance can be a full Monty show where everything is removed or she can come in and give the victim a kiss on the cheek and a raunchy dance and leave everything on this is normally the routine suggested if children are present.




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