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What Happens

Babes will turn up to the outdoor location Approx. 12ft x 8ft space required with comfortable changing room with showers if able. The babes will  enter the slush. They will start rolling around with specific person in the middle play fighting.


Equipment Provided: Mud pool & liquid, girls, plastic floor sheet & inflatable toys.





Mud Wrestling Babes for stag parties

mud wrestling for your stag do ? fancy to hot girls to wrestle the stag ?


So you’re planning a stag do, birthday night out or just an evening with the guys? You’re looking for something that will get the night going with a bang and delightfully surprise your guests. We can get your party started like no other agency.


We all want something that no one else has got, something with exclusivity. We provide girls that work for us and us only. When it comes to deciding which girl is right for your party, We provide information about the girls past performances and give you an idea of who we think will be best suited for your night.