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Want to make your stag party or birthday a huge success?


Then add a Midget & dwarf hire (Little person) to the mix. Here at seductive entertainment we provide nothing less than top quality professional dwarfs in your area. We are proud to cater dwarfs that illustrate great character and excellent sense of humour that are willing to wear fancy dress if required or simply wear normal clothes.


All our dwarfs are different, therefore expect the unexpected. However a common prank tends to be expected, where the victim is tied to the dwarf for the whole night, although if requested the dwarf can sing, dance or possibly strip (this depends on the dwarf).


Hiring a dwarf is becoming a very common request for stag weekends  & birthdays and is a great and fun way to celebrate. Similarly, hiring a dwarf for a Hen party is just as popular but both are completely difference occasions, therefore they all lead to different outcomes and endings!


Why not hire a dwarf today and make it a night to remember

Welcome to seducitve strippergrams Bristol,

Our Prices From Only £100 p/h

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  • Do not deliberately try to step on your dwarf or throw him


  • Please do not use offensive language or be abusive. Treat Dwarf with respect as you would to any other human being


  • No illegal behaviour or encouragement of illegal activity when with your little person


  • Remember your dwarf is a person and not an object







Dwarf & Midget Hire

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What can midget and dwarf hire add to your stag or birthday party?


  • Have them be the Midget Bartender, dressed to impress in his suit. Let him serve up cocktails and cold beers for you and your party.


  • Escort you and your group into one or all of the clubs, no better way to make an entrance


  • Have them party with you at your table in a club (babe magnet)


  • Hire several to party with you the entire weekend


  • Dress them up similar to the stag or birthday boy for their own personal Mini


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