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Beer wenches have become a very popular service for gentleman’s parties and events. Therefore it was a necessity that Seductive Entertainment catered for this demand but took it to the next LEVEL.


We are proud to represent the best beer maids in the UK and Ireland with over 100 girls on our books. Our beer maids are great fun easy going and of course attractive. They will attend your evening or day party in a traditional style, Bavarian beer maid outfit, or if you required something else that can also be arranged.


Beer waitresses can be considered as a personal service for your group as you sit back and relax with friends.  There is nothing better than someone else getting your drink – repeat – there is nothing better than one of Seductives beautiful Bavarian beer wenches serving your drinks as no one likes queuing except our girls.


If you have never done something like this then why not try today for only £30 per hour.

Welcome to seducitve strippergrams Bristol,

Topless Waitresses

Our Prices From £30 p/h

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The Different Names


Bavarian beer wenches


German beer wench


Beer Maids


Beer beauties


Beer waitresses






Beer Wenches Cardiff

topless waitresses

See our alternative service for serving. Topless waitresses can only be used in private venues or location but is very ideal stag, birthdays and poker nights.


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